12 Photos of Walid Jumblatt Keepin’ it Real

(BEIRUT, LEBANON) — Walid Jumblatt, one of Lebanon’s most visible and outspoken politicians, is known for his lively personality — often making him the subject of amusing photos.


Walid Jumblatt keepin’ it real on a trip in Moscow, Russia.


Walid Jumblatt keepin’ it real in front of a portrait of himself.


Walid Jumblatt keepin’ it real while checking his gun.


Walid Jumblatt keepin’ it real while reading tweets on his iPad.


Walid Jumblatt keepin’ it real while drinking traditional mate.


Walid Jumblatt keepin’ it real with the ladies.


Walid Jumblatt keepin’ it real while hanging out with his pet dog.


Walid Jumblatt keepin’ it real during a press conference….with a smorgasbord of weaponry in the background.


Walid Jumblatt keepin’ it real while driving himself around.


Walid Jumblatt keepin’ it real when his pet dog interrupts during a press interview.


Walid Jumblatt keepin’ it real while warming his cold hands.


Walid Jumblatt keepin’ it real during a sobhiye’ outside of his home.

Let’s just say Jumblatt adds a lot of personality to the Lebanese political system!

Insane Lebanese starlets take madness to a new level

(BEIRUT, LEBANON) — In what appears to be a growing trend of insane Lebanese starlets, a brand new ridiculously nonsensical woman who calls herself “ZeeZee M” has joined the airwaves.

The wannabe Lebanese artist is joining the list of absolutely bizarre women who are trying to make it big with her brand-new ludicrous song called “How Much I Love Eating Bananas.”

The music video features “ZeeZee” flaunting around bananas and singing, “I really like eating bananas. One banana, two bananas…I want two.”

WATCH Zeezee’s outlandish video:

ZeeZee’s new found fame comes after another insane diva, Lara Kay, came out with the song, “Ataloule l A7leim,” or “You Killed My Dreams,” where she protests government actions in skimpy shorts.

WATCH Kay’s claim to fame:

With global terrorism threatening Lebanon and parliament’s inability to elect a president, should we really care about psycho ladies who are trying to capture views on YouTube? We really shouldn’t.

But I guess amid the frenzy of serious politics and sorrowful news, we can look to these freakish women for entertainment.

Freedom is a beautiful thing — isn’t it?

Lebanese superstar Shakira gives birth to son Sasha

(BARCELONA, SPAIN) — Lebanese-Colombian superstar Shakira gave birth to her second son on Sunday.

“We are happy to announce the birth of Sasha Piqué Mebarak, son of Shakira Mebarak and Gerard Piqué, born January 29 at 9:54pm, in Barcelona,” the birth announcement on Shakira’s website said.

“The name Sasha is of Greek and Russian descent and means ‘defender of mankind’ and ‘warrior.'”

Shakira’s boyfriend Gerard Pique, a Spanish professional soccer player, played for FC Barcelona in Madrid the day before the birth.

Shakira began dating Pique in 2010 and spoke about the joy which she gets from being a mother, saying, “motherhood is everything to me.”

The 37-year-old star, who previously said she wants her own “football team” of “8 or 9 kids,” also gave birth to 2-year-old son Milan in Spain.

© Music Times
© Music Times

Pique’s father, Amador Bernabéu, said baby Sasha looks like his father.

“They’ve told me he looks like Gerard. Milan looked like Shakira when he was born, but this one looks more like his father,” he told Hello! Magazine.

Shakira praised Pique’s “hands-on parenting style.”

“He is very involved with his son. He is always there for him, and that’s a big advantage for me as I cannot imagine it any other way,” she said.

Hiba Tawaji wows judges on France’s ‘The Voice’

(PARIS, FRANCE) — Lebanese singer Hiba Tawaji wowed judges on the French version of ‘The Voice’ on Saturday, after performing the Arabic rendition of Michel Legrand’s Les moulins de mon cœur, or The Windmills of my Heart.

All four judges granted Tawaji a standing ovation following her live performance. They praised her “audacity” that defied traditional elements of Arabic music.

“I’m blushing because you are a great singer,” Lebanese-British singer Mika told Tawaji, who later selected him as her mentor.

Tawaji is widely known for collaborating with prominent producer and composed Oussama Rahbani in 2007.

In 2014, Aline Lahoud also wowed judges after performing “Khedni Maak,” but was eliminated in the second round.

WATCH Tawaji’s performance here:


VIDEO: Jon Stewart responds to Miss Universe selfie debate

(MIAMI, FL) — Jewish-American comedian Jon Stewart introduced a new segment on his show on Monday he called: “What Picture Is Upsetting the Middle East This Week?”

The segment poked fun at Miss Universe competition, following controversy after Miss Israel Doron Matalon posted a selfie of herself, Miss Lebanon, Miss Japan, and Miss Slovenia.

Some called for Greige to lose the title over the selfie, especially because Lebanon and Israel are considered enemies.

“It’s a beauty pageant– they’re all enemies,” Stewart responded in the segment.

Greige says she was “photo-bombed” by Matalon and tried to distance herself from her.

“Does everything that happens between Middle Eastern countries have to be a bombing?” Stewart exclaimed.

WATCH the segment here:


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Clooney, Alamuddin shine at Golden Globe Awards ceremony

(BEVERLY HILLS, CA) — British daily newspaper, The Guardian said it best when it wrote, “Human rights lawyer Amal Clooney and her husband have arrived.”

George Clooney may have been honored for his legacy in film with the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award, but Amal Alamuddin was the real winner at the globes.

She wore a chic black floor-length Dior gown and accessorized the dress with her own white gloves to match. Clooney kept close to his wife on the red carpet and looked dapper in a classic black tuxedo.

Even Amy Poehler and Tina Fey joked: “Amal is a human rights lawyer who worked on the Enron case, was an adviser to Kofi Annan regarding Syria and was selected for a three-person U.N. commission investigating rules of war violations in the Gaza Strip. So tonight her husband is getting a lifetime-achievement award.”

When asked by reporters what she was wearing, Amal instead pointed to her “Je Suis Charlie” pin to show solidarity with the people of France following the terrorist attack at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris.

Clooney accepted the award and used his remarks to remind people of the attacks in France. But first, he mentioned the “humbling thing when you find someone you love.”

“Amal, whatever alchemy brought us together, I couldn’t be prouder to be your husband,” he said.

WATCH Clooney accept the award below:

Haifa Wehbe’s sister unveils controversial new photos

(BEIRUT, LEBANON) — Lebanese diva Haifa Wehbe is not the only face of the family who raised eyebrows in recent months. Haifa’s step-sister Rola Yamout is causing controversy after publishing semi-nude photos on her Facebook and Instagram profiles.

Yamout, who has faced scrutiny in the past for her public quarrels with Haifa, is pursuing what seems to be a desperate career in provocative modeling.

One of Yamout’s dresses in her latest collection of photos have similar cuts to Haifa’s controversial dress during a Star Academy performance last year.Rola Yamout sister of Haifa Wehbe Lebanese Arab superstar singer

In a September post on Instagram, Yamout called her step-sister a “grandmother,” and accused her of being jealous.

“Every time I appear and succeed in my simple ventures, the grandmother struggles (to fight back) with psychological, social, legal, economic and media wars,” Yammout posted on Instagram in Arabic.

Wehbe and Yamout reportedly have had a rocky relationship over the years and terms of reconciliation have not been successful.

Yamout previously said: “Who’s Haifa anyway?…She treats me like an enemy and not like a sister. I ask of her to have some decency, and to leave me alone to live my life.”

According to media reports, Wehbe has reportedly filed lawsuits in the past accusing Yamout of defamation.

VIEW some of the controversial photos below:

Rola Yamout Haifa Wehbe's sister

yamout washing carRola Yamout New Photos

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COMEDY: Lebanese woman rants against men, politics

(BEIRUT, LEBANON) — Lebanese drama queen Amal Hamadeh first went viral during a street interview with a Future TV reporter about political conflicts in Lebanon.

But now Hamadeh is offering her opinion on the presidential deadlock, gays in Lebanon, Myriam Fares’ recent marriage, hashtags, Haifa, and more!

Watch her hilarious rant here:

Hamadeh went viral after this street interview on Future TV where she claimed there are “no more men” in Lebanon:

COMEDY: Goremy is “all about that (hummus) paste”

(WASHINGTON, DC) — Arab-American standup comedian Remy Munasifi, also known as “GoRemy” on his YouTube channel, released a new video called “All About That Paste,” a parody of Meghan Trainor’s hit song, “All About That Bass.”

Born in Washington to an Iraqi father and a Lebanese mother, Munasifi gained internet popularity after uploading several comedic sketches that focus on Arab life in the United States.

Watch him bring Tabbouleh back:


Because you know
I’m all about that paste
’bout that paste
that hummus

Yeah it’s pretty clear
this ain’t no Thai food
but I can dip it, dip it
when I would like, dude

It’s got tahini, an Arab-like taste,
and all the right oil in all the right places

You said you get your hummus
down at the corner shop?
You know that dish ain’t real, habibi
Make it stop

Ain’t got enough tahini?
You toss it back
But every other kind is tasty
from Beirut on to Iraq

I said my Momma she told me
don’t worry about your thighs
She told me eat some tabbouleh with it
and you’ll be alright
(no booty-booty)

You know you won’t see me eating from
silicone hummus cups
So if that’s what you’re into then
go ahead and move along

Remy Remz and I’m back again
Don’t know who I am? Baby, ask your friends
If they say they don’t know? Better ask again
They still don’t know? I guess that makes sense…

If you suspect that the content is teeny
Go to the lab and check the tahini
Never dip a carrot or tortilla
Hummus is like Katniss: it needs pita.

I brought tabbouleh back
You tell your skinny sandwiches that
You think it’s tasty but it’s really bad
But I’m here to tell you
Every kind of it is tasty
from Beirut on to Iraq

I said my momma she told me
don’t worry about your thighs
She said that girls will not like you
does not matter what your size
(that’s kind of spooky)
(why’d you tell that to me?)

No you won’t see me eating from
silicone hummus cups
So if that’s what you’re into then
go ahead and move along

TRIBUTE: Lebanese icon Sabah dies at 87

(BEIRUT, LEBANON) — Lebanese singer Sabah, one of the leading Arab performers of her generation, has died at the age of 87, her family said on Wednesday.

Born Jeanette Feghali and known to her fans as the “singing bird,” Sabah recorded at least 4,000 songs in her lifetime, released over 50 albums, and acted in 98 films.

In the mid-1970s, she became the second Arab singer after Egypt’s Oum Kalthoum to perform at L’Olympia in Paris. She also performed at London’s Royal Albert Hall and the Sydney Opera House.

Sabah was born to a Christian family in the village of Bdedoun, a Lebanese town in the Baabda-Aley province. She is known for her multiple marriages, tying the knot with at least nine men.

Her last marriage, to Lebanese artist Fadi Lubnan, lasted 17 years. She had two children, Dr Sabah Shammas and actress Howayda Mansy, both of whom live in the United States.


She released her first song in 1940, while her parallel screen career began three years later in Egypt, the centre of the Arabic film industry.

In Lebanon, Sabah was often humorously mocked for refusing to leave the limelight, as well as her garish outfits and use of cosmetic surgery.

But she was unabashed: “I’m proud that I’m a village girl but I had a lot of ambition,” she said in 2008.

“She broke so many taboos. I don’t know if she was even aware of it,” said Chady Maalouf, head of programming at Voice of Lebanon radio.

“She was the example of a star, she was totally complete in her appearance, behavior and voice. She shocked people all the time.”

“Today, Lebanon lost a legend. Sabah is gone but she remains in our hearts,” famed Lebanese pop singer Nancy Ajram said on Twitter. “Her memory will remain in the minds and hearts of millions.”

Lebanese politician Walid Jumblatt wrote on Twitter: “She was a great singer of a Lebanon that my generation knew, that will never come back”.

Rest in Peace, Sabah.

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