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LAU professor: Bitcoin will have ‘large impact’ on global economy

Lebanese American University professor Saifedean Ammous published a book called ‘The Bitcoin Standard’ where he calls the cryptocurrency a ‘decentralized alternative to central banking.’

The professor, who is also a visiting scholar at Columbia University, explores the history of currencies and how different forms of money eventually became undesirable and replaceable.

“The most important thing that bitcoin offers is a new form of sound money outside the control of any authority of government,” Ammous said in an interview with World Crypto Network. “I think it is going to have a very large impact on how the world economy functions in the future.”

Ammous goes on to explain that Bitcoin is immune to many of the factors that that cause typical Fiat currency to devalue and hyper-inflate.

Federal banks cannot increase printing of the online currency and there aren’t new sources that can add onto the Bitcoin supply, Ammous said.

“Even tiny technical changes (in Bitcoin)…these sorts of changes have been almost impossible to make,” he said. “Bitcoin as it is is going to survive.”

WATCH: Interview with Saifedean Ammous, Author of The Bitcoin Standard

The book was published by the John Wiley & Sons publishing house. It is sold for about $27 on Amazon.

To learn more about Dr. Ammous’s book, click here to view the book’s description through the Columbia University website.

Lebanon hosts first ‘women-only’ classic car cruise

Lebanon is hosting its first ‘women-only’ classic car cruise with participants from all over the world, AFP reports.

The cruise, called “Rallye des Graces,” includes 28 female drivers from France, the United Kingdom, China and Algeria.

The two-day rally starts Saturday in the town of Kaslik, north of Beirut, and ends Sunday in the Bekaa Valley.

Organizer Chahrazad Rizk told AFP she participated in similar rallies in Switzerland, and wanted to bring a ‘women-only’ event to Lebanon.

If you want to see more of the rally, check out this Facebook album of day 1.

Lebanese Day3a of the Day: Faraya

Faraya (فاريا‎) is a day3a located in the Keserwan District, Mount Lebanon about 46 kilometers, or 30 miles, from Beirut.

Faraya is known as one of the best retreats for summer tourist travelers and snow destinations, according to the Lebanon Traveler.

Many of those who visit Faraya own a chalet, or a summer/winter house, to swim in the local pools and soak in the beautiful views that the village offers.

Every year, the day3a hosts Faraya On The Beach which is a 2-3 day event that includes food, dancing, and nightlife.

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Faraya has a population of around 1,900 people, consisting mostly of Maronite Christians. It is home to the biggest statue of Saint Charbel, making it attractive to those of the Christian faith.

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The day3a is best known for its skiing. Faraya has the Middle East’s largest ski resort, Mzaar Kfardebian.

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If you plan to stay in Faraya, visit the Faraya Village Club for accommodations and travel information.

Throwback: ‘World Strictest Parents’ shoot episode in Lebanon

The ‘World’s Strictest Parents’ TV show shot an episode in Lebanon in 2009 — and nearly 10 years later, it’s still worth watching!

For the sixth episode of season 2, British teenagers Debbie McQueen and Daniel Drinkwater lived with the Hajjar family in Lebanon.

The strict parents were former policeman Abdulsalam and nurse Iman. They are a Sunni Muslim family in Beirut, according to BBC.

For the week they spent in Lebanon, the teenagers found it hard to follow a strict dress code and zero alcohol tolerance policy.

A handful of times throughout the episode they were found crying and emotionally breaking down because of stress.

The British-based show’s concept is to send undisciplined teenagers to stay with a strict family somewhere around the world for a week.

Watch the episode preview below:

For more information on the episode, click here.

How Instagram’s ‘Rich Kids of Beirut’ spend their fortunes

Lebanon is the 12th most billionaire-dense country in the world, according to Business Insider — and the country’s most affluent children sure know how to spend their family fortunes.

The Instagram page @richkidsdebeirut shows off the day-in-the-life of Lebanon’s elite.

From imported cars to expensive designer clothes, the small Mediterranean nation has its fair share of rich kids.

The only problem these kids have is choosing which car to take for the day.

Some of the cars are customized and imported from other countries, like Dubai.

Courtesy of @dubaiamazingcars

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The best views money can buy.

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Enjoying Eid in style.

Savoring the beautiful Mediterranean sunset.

Couple goals.

Before takeoff.

Champagne overlooking over the city.

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WATCH: Epic wedding entrance captures Lebanese and Assyrian cultures!

As we’ve shown you before, Lebanese tend to take things a step further with their weddings. This epic fusion of Assyrian and Lebanese cultures is no exception!

In their most recent video, the Australian-based YouTube channel Iconic Films captured Anthony and Karolin’s wedding, and showcased the best of their Lebanese and Assyrian cultures.

The Iconic Films team captures weddings around the world and “are passionate about constantly challenging themselves from a creative and technological aspect.”

Congratulations to Anthony and Karolin!

Watch the incredible wedding entrance here:

You can also watch the full wedding, by clicking here.

Viral video showcases Lebanon’s beauty, landmarks by drone

Lebanon’s most recognizable landmarks are showcased by beautiful overhead shots in a new viral video from the UNILAD Adventure Facebook page.

The page is based in the United Kingdom and showcases exquisite footage from countries around the world.

In a recent post, the page posted drone footage of Lebanon’s most visited areas with the caption, “Who knew Lebanon was so stunning.”

In less than 24 hours the video post accumulated over 1.2 million views and 35 thousand likes.

The footage UNILAD used was obtained from the YouTube channel Two Wheels Across.

Commissioned by the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism, the channel “spent summer months filming Lebanon from Above, including its rural, urban, cultural touristic and historical location, as well as the amazing number of festivals.”

WATCH: Full original drone video:

Sony Pictures acquires Lebanese film “Capernaum” ahead of Cannes

Sony Pictures Classics has acquired North and Latin American rights to Lebanese film “Capernaum,” one of the top contenders for the Palme d’Or award, Variety reports.

Capernaum tells the story of a young boy who sues his parents for “giving me life in a world of pain and suffering.”

The movie comes from Lebanese director Nadine Labaki who previously directed “Where Do We Go Now?”

capernaum nadine labaki movie

“Where Do We Go Now?” was distributed by Sony Pictures Classics, and won a special mention at Cannes in 2011.

Sony Pictures said the 44-year-old director is “one of the world’s great filmmakers.”

“(Capernaum) is an emotionally profound experience about the world we live in and promises to be a triumph in Cannes,” Sony Pictures added. “Nadine Labaki’s moment as writer-director is here and now.”

Lebanon: ‘Best party place,’ says guy who visited every country

American traveler Sal Lavallo, 26, has visited every country in the world, and he describes Lebanon as the “best party place.”

He recently published a video on Facebook where he briefly describes the experiences and takeaways from the nations he has been to.

The 25th country he describes on his list is Lebanon, and he says, “Lebanon is the best party place.”

Lebanon is known throughout the Middle East to have one of the best nightlife atmospheres in the region. Beirut hosts some of the best clubs, including Iris, White and Pier 7 Beirut.

To learn more about Sal and more about his journeys around the world, click here.

Lebanese-American prosecutor runs for California State Assembly

Bill Essayli, the son of Lebanese-American immigrants, is looking to unseat the incumbent in California’s 60th State Assembly election this fall.

The former federal prosecutor, a Republican, announced his bid for California legislature at a gas station in his district. The announcement was livestreamed on his Facebook page.

His opponent Assemblywoman Sabrina Cervantes, a Democrat, voted to increase the gas tax in California, he says.

While working in the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Essayli took part in the investigation of the 2015 San Bernardino terrorist attack, and assisted in a case against a Santa Barbara doctor who over-prescribed opiates to his patients.

To visit his official page and learn more about him, click here.

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