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Tickets for Tomorrowland Lebanon are on sale now for $70

Tomorrowland is returning to Lebanon on July 28, and tickets are now on sale to the general public for $70 per person!

The one day event takes place from 3 p.m. to 3 a.m. at the Beirut International Exhibition and Leisure Center, near the main highway in Beirut.

Tommorrowland is the largest music festival in the world. It takes place in Belgium every year and draws thousands of people.

Lebanon is one of seven countries that will be a part of the Tomorrowland’s international festivals. The special effects at the festival will be synchronized with the show in Belgium “adding value to the global connection,” the official website says.

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Last year the event took place on July 29 and UNITE Tomorrowland held festivals in Lebanon, Dubai, Germany, Israel, Malta, South Korea and Spain — and they were all connected through one world theme.

The 2018 line-up of local & international artists will be announced soon.

You can buy your tickets for Unite Tomorrowland, by clicking here.

Watch the official trailer for 2018 UNITE With Tomorrowland below:

Lebanese man wins $1 million jackpot at Dubai Duty Free for the second time

Lebanese expat Musleh Mousa Hassan won the top prize of the Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire lottery during the latest draw for the second time in six years.

The June 2018 drawing took place at the Dubai International Airport. The first time Hassan won the top prize of $1 million was in November 2012.

According to Dubai Duty Free, he is the tenth Lebanese citizen to win the jackpot since it was created in 1999.

Musleh Mousa Hassan won $1 million in Dubai Duty Free drawing for the second time. (Dubai Duty Free)
Musleh Mousa Hassan won $1 million in Dubai Duty Free drawing for the second time. (Dubai Duty Free)

Hassan is a a 73-year old corporate manager of an insurance company. He was born in Lebanon, but lives in Dubai.

In a statement, he thanked the Dubai Duty Free store for the good luck — twice in six years!

“I remember when I first won $1 million in 2012 — I was over the moon, and winning again .. is just truly an unexpected surprise,” Hassan said. “Thank you, Dubai Duty Free for my amazing second win.”

After Hassan was declared the winner of the top prize, an additional three luxury vehicles were given away by the duty free store to French, Indian and Pakistani citizens.

WATCH: Lebanese man wins $1 million at Dubai Duty Free:

Lebanese Forces, Kataeb and PSP call on Aoun to nullify citizenship decree

The Lebanese Forces, Progressive Socialist Party, and Kataeb Party issued a joint statement urging Lebanese President Michel Aoun to nullify his controversial decree granting Lebanese citizenship to over 400 foreigners.

The decree grants Lebanese nationality to mostly wealthy Syrians, some of which are considered close to the Syrian regime, the Daily Star reports.

In the statement, the parties called on the President to “abrogate the decree” and later added that a reasonable decree would include special cases only.

lf kataeb psp

“(A reasonable decree) includes people with very special cases and have specific humanitarian conditions that are consistent with the Lebanese Constitution provisions and the criteria for granting the Lebanese citizenship,” the statement added.

Kataeb MP Sami Gemayel requested the Lebanese Interior Minister release “full text and names” so that “we can study it and give an opinion about it in order to take any legal or constitutional steps we need to.”

Lebanese Foreign Minister-elect Gebran Bassil defended the naturalization decree, saying the President and the foreign ministry are “not involved in any suspicious acts regarding the controversial naturalization decree,” wires reported.

Although Saad Hariri is a part of the March 14 alliance with the LF, PSP and Kataeb, he sided with Aoun and signed the controversial decree into law.

Casino du Liban expects $10M in profit in 2018: Casino president Khoury

Casino du Liban president Roland Khoury projected the net profits for the establishment to be over $10 million for the fiscal year of 2018.

In 2017, the casino rebounded after Khoury took over with a $3 million profit after years of experiencing losses, the Daily Star reports.

The casino is majority owned by the government through the Intra Investment Company and is managed by London Clubs International, a subsidiary of Caesars Entertainment Corporation.

Casino Lebanon

As a result, the establishment pays lots of taxes on most of their games inside. Khoury said “We pay nearly $40 million in taxes on the slot machines.”

He called on tax reform in the country so that the casino will be able to better compete with casinos in Cyprus and around the world.

Despite his grievances, many analysts have noted that the expected revenue for 2018 is promising given the small size of Lebanon’s population and where a significant percentage of people do not gamble.

Prime Minister Saad Hariri warns Iran to stay out of Lebanon’s affairs

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri has responded to an Iranian General’s comments about the most recent parliamentary elections in Lebanon and Iraq.

Video on Lebanese social media circulated of General Qassem Soleimani, the head of Iran’s elite fighting Quds Force, praising Hezbollah’s electoral gains stating that “Lebanese elections turned Hezbollah into a resistance government.”

Soleimani added that these victories “came at a time when some Arab countries labeled it and its leaders as terrorists.”

Saad Hariri warns Iran Beirut paraliamentary elections future party

The Iranian-backed militia group Hezbollah and allies gained a total of 29 seats in the most recent Lebanese parliamentary elections.

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Hariri told reporters on Monday the statements by the general are “regrettable” and added that interfering in Lebanon’s internal affairs is “not in Iran’s interest, nor those of Lebanon or the region,” according to the Associated Press.

According to a UN-backed tribunal, five Hezbollah members were allegedly involved in the 2005 assassination of Rafik Hariri, Saad Hariri’s father. Hezbollah denies the allegations.

WATCH: American kids try Lebanese food for the first time!

Kids can be extremely picky eaters, especially when it comes to trying unfamiliar dishes from other parts of the world.

That’s why it’s no surprise there were mixed reactions when a group of kids tried Lebanese food for the first time!

WATCH: Kids try Lebanese food for the first time!

The YouTube channel HiHo Kids sat down with five American kids to taste-test an array of Lebanese dishes, including a zaatar manoushe, shish tawouk, a smorgasbord of mezze and halawet el jibn for dessert.

Their reactions were priceless!


The kids were first given a zaatar manouche to munch on.

“It’s the same size of my face,” said one girl.

shish tawouk

Everyone loves chicken!

No surprise — the kids liked the shish tawouk the most.

“No really, it’s good, it’s good,” said one kid. “It’s not bad.”


Next came the mezze.

“Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” the first kid exclaimed.

The mezze platter featured hummus, cheese, olives, grape leaves and kafta.

The olive seeds may have come as a surprise to some kids.

halawet el jibn

Halawet el jibn can make anyone smile.

But not these kids! Only one kid liked this dessert.

“I didn’t like it at first, but now I like it,” he said.

The HiHo Kids YouTube channel taste-test foods from all over the country, including Jamaica, Korea, Australia and Greece, among others.

Lebanese Day3a of the Day: Hasroun

Hasroun (حصرون), romanticized as the “Rose of the Mountain,” is a day3a (village) located in northern Lebanon in the Bsharri District — about 63 miles (102 KM) from Beirut.

With an approximate population of 12,000, the exquisite town overlooks the Qannoubine Valley at around 1,400 meters above sea level.

You beauty #Hasroun by @joenohra

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The vast majority of the population living in Hasroun practice the Maronite Catholic faith; the day3a is home to the shrine of Saint Thomas, the shrine of Saint Michael and the shrine of St. James.

The day3a was an impregnable fortress, a couple hundred years ago, that provided a refuge for Maronites persecuted by invaders, according to DiscoverLebanon.com.

hasroun lebanon

If you are planning to visit Hasroun this summer, don’t miss the beautiful annual Hasroun Flower Festival from June 30 to July 1.

According to Lebanon Traveler, if you want to find a great manoushe for breakfast or kaak for a late night snack, some of the best bakeries in town are Leba El Amrieh’s Bakery and Georgette Badra’s Bakery.

On a hot sunny day, Surgels Ice Cream shop is the perfect place to eat if you want to cool down.

During summer nights the day3a is alive with food and clothing festivals!

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Check out the tourist guide for the day3a, by clicking here.

Salma Hayek attends British Lebanese Association gala in London

The British Lebanese Association hosted a gala dinner with Salma Hayek appearing as the guest of honor, along with special appearances by musician Guy Manoukian and singer Aline Lahoud.

The black tie event was hosted at the five-star Dorchester Hotel in London. Tickets were sold for about $330 per person.

“Everywhere you go (in the world) there is a Lebanese community and it feels like home,” Hayek said.

Salma Hayek visited Lebanon in 2015. (File photo)
Salma Hayek visited Lebanon in 2015. (File photo)

Hayek visited Lebanon in 2015 to launch “The Prophet,” an animated feature film she co-produced.

“I wanted to do something special for future generations and I said I want to go to Lebanon before anyone else sees it,” she added.

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After speaking, Hayek stayed for a meet-and-greet with guests.

Lebanese singer Aline Lahood also took to the stage to entertain the dinner guests.

Fiber-optic Internet coming to Lebanon, Ogero Chairman says

Plans to introduce fiber-optic Internet in Lebanon are in the works, the leader of Lebanon’s state-run telecommunications firm confirmed Tuesday in a tweet.

Imad Kreidieh, the chairman of Ogero Telecom, tweeted that the Audit Bureau of Lebanon has approved the company’s plan to install fiber-optic cables across the country.

According to the Speedtest Global Index, as of April 2018, Lebanon had the third slowest ‘Fixed Broadband’ speeds in the world.

Fiber-optic Internet could soon come to Lebanon. (Stock photo)
Fiber-optic Internet could soon come to Lebanon. (Stock photo)

Experts believe the installation of fiber-optic cables in the country will establish a better Internet and TV infrastructure and greatly increase the average Internet speeds.

Fiber-optic is considered one of the fastest forms of receiving Internet.

Google Fiber, for example, promises speeds of 1 GBit/s while traditional cable maxes out at around 200 MBit/s.

How to dress like a local in Beirut — for any occasion!

Fashion is a big deal in Beirut — and looking good can go a long way!

Whether you’re visiting Beirut for pleasure or business, here’s how to look fashionable for all occasions.

1. Business trips

For the guys, two-button suits in navy or black with designer belts and loafers are recommended if you are in town for business, Business Insider reports.

The Lebanese are big on designer brands, and bigger branded logos are always a plus.

Finally, don’t forget to accessorize! A nice watch, sunglasses and pocket square can make you stand out.

For ladies, a solid-colored dress looks classy and keeps you cool in the scorching sun.

Top it off with a nice designer bag or sunglasses, and you’re good to go.

Pro tip: Zara stores are a great place to shop for any business occasion.

2. Casual strolls

If you just want to walk the streets or go out with friends, a nice shirt with some designer jeans will do nicely.

Women certainly have a few more options to choose from. Nice jeans, shorts, skirts, a summer dress — pretty much anything goes.

But to stand out, don’t forget to accessorize!

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3. Parties and clubs

It’s all about the skin at Beirut’s hottest clubs!

A crop top and skirt is a common sight at a Beirut club.

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Flashy dresses, heavy makeup and heels are also a dime a dozen.

For the guys, tighter dress shirts are always appropriate. If you have the build, don’t be afraid to show it off.

4. Formal gatherings

For fancier evening events and galas, CNTraveler recommends draped gowns made by local designers like Rabih Kayrouz or Krikor Jabotian.

Custom-tailored suits and designer names can be found at these men’s locations.

If you need to go shopping while in the capitol, check out Beirut Souks or your nearest shopping mall.

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