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WATCH: Incredible Lebanese wedding proposal on a yacht!

Wedding season is here, and like other people around the world, many Lebanese couples are wasting no time getting hitched.

In a YouTube video posted by Ali Wehbi, Ali is seen taking his blindfolded girlfriend out on a boat covered in red roses.

When she took the blindfolds off,  Ali popped the question — “Will you marry me?”

His now-fiancée Maya said yes!

Ali proposed to Maya on a yacht in the beautiful Mediterranean sea. (YouTube screen grab)
Ali proposed to Maya on a yacht in the beautiful Mediterranean sea. (YouTube screen grab)

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The two celebrated and danced together on the backdrop of a beautiful Lebanese sunset.

Mabrouk to Ali and Maya!

WATCH: Amazing Lebanese proposal on a yacht:

Reagan Library releases video of meeting with former president Gemayel

The Reagan Presidential Library released vintage video of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan meeting with former Lebanese President Amine Gemayel.

When the White House hosted the Lebanese President, Reagan was nearing the end of his first term in office while Gemayel was only in his second of six years.

“Our talks today focused on the next steps in securing Lebanon’s independence,” Reagan said during the 1983 meeting.

Many consider the relationship between the two presidents one of the most extensive and personal of any administrations between the two countries.

The meeting took place just a few months before the Beirut barracks bombings, which killed 241 U.S. and 58 French peacekeepers.

Gemayel visited the White House again in December 1983, where he met with Reagan for a second time.

READ: White House daily schedule on the day of Gemayel’s visit to the White House.

“My second visit to the White House in the course of the year is a further confirmation for our appreciation for the consistent support President Reagan has given Lebanon,” Gemayel said at the time.

Watch the footage released here:

READ: Reagan’s diary entry on the day of Gemayel’s second visit to the White House:

Most of N.S.C. spent on getting ready for visit by Pres. Gemayal of Lebanon. But also on whether to step up our artillery fire on Druze batteries lobbying shells in the direction of our Marines. So far we haven’t done anything. We’re a divided group. I happen to believe taking out a few batteries might give them pause to think. Joint Chiefs believe it might drastically alter our mission & lead to major increases in troops for Lebanon. Met with Gemayal & his cabinet. We emphasized need to work harder for expanding govt. to include some dissident groups. He made a good case that Syria has a block on the main factions. Cabinet Council on “space” & where we go. The issue is whether to move on a program for a permanent manned Space station. I’m for it as I think most everyone is but the question is funding such a new course in face of our deficits. Dave Stockman who opposed my signing the dairy bill came in to brief me on how the bill came to be and how may Reps. & Sens. broke their word on concessions they’d promised in return for the bill. I was never told any of this while it was going on. We’ll have to have a different procedure so this cant happen again. Nancy & I went to Shiloh Baptist Church for P.B.S. Young talent taping. Leontyne Price was mistress of ceremonies. Howard U. choir & young black singers were magnificent. It was a great finish to the day.

The Guardian writer: Lebanese manoushe ‘stole my heart’

In a review of a new Lebanese bakery in London, Guardian writer Tim Jonze praised the manoushe breakfast item and called it, “the Lebanese breakfast pizza that stole my heart.”

Jonze got to try za’atar, lahmeh bi ajin (beef and lamb), and a unique manoushe that was topped with eggs.

He said they were all tasty, but the cheese manoushe stole his heart!

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Jonze said the tasteful dish feels like eating pizza for breakfast. The owners described manoushe as “Perfect at 4 a.m. when the post-party hunger cravings kick in.”

The zataar and cheese manousheh is a staple of Lebanese breakfast. (File photo)
The zataar and cheese manousheh is a staple of Lebanese breakfast. (File photo)

Manoushe is a Levatine-based breakfast meal that has been around for a thousand years. Fortune Magazine reported that Lebanese street food like manoushe is now gaining traction in the U.S.

Most menu items at The Lebanese Bakery are only around $7. The bakery is also offering delivery options in the greater London area.

Read more about the Guardian’s review of the new Lebanese bakery, here.

VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel’s hilarious exchange with a tourist from Beirut

A Lebanese tourist didn’t seem to recognize late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel when he walked up to her and introduced himself, the late-night star recalled during a recent monologue.

The tourist was taking a photo of Kimmel’s Hollywood star when the host decided to walk up to her and make her day. But it didn’t go as planned!

The fan was taking a picture of Jimmy Kimmel's Hollywood star when he approached her. (YouTube screen grab)
The fan was taking a picture of Jimmy Kimmel’s Hollywood star when he approached her. (YouTube screen grab)

He approached the woman and said, “Hi, I’m Jimmy Kimmel.”

The woman replied, “No you’re not!”

He asked where she is from, and she replied Beirut.

“You know, I am Jimmy Kimmel,” he said again.

“You wish you had his money,” she replied.

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Kimmel said he was heading to the movie theatre when he noticed the woman and her child taking a photo of his star. He thought it would be a fun surprise to come up to them.

“I think I might need to hire a publicist in Beirut,” Kimmel joked.

WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel says a Lebanese fan didn’t believe he was Jimmy Kimmel:

Man accused of killing Lebanese wife sentenced to death by hanging

A Kuwaiti court sentenced an Egyptian teacher Sunday to death by hanging after allegedly murdering his Lebanese wife, a Kuwait-based newspaper reported.

The man, whose name and nationality were not released, is said to be 42-years-old. He is accused in the stabbing death of his wife, authorities said.

According to Alqabas.com, the wife was of Lebanese descent and lived in the suburb of Hawally, Kuwait with her husband and children.

The Kuwait Palace of Justice in Kuwait City. (File photo)
The Kuwait Palace of Justice in Kuwait City. (File photo)

In court, the husband claimed self-defense, alleging his wife drew the knife first.

Authorities did not release the wife’s name.

A circulating video on social media purportedly showed the man surrendering to police on the day of the murder.

WATCH: Arrest made in the murder of a Lebanese woman in Kuwait:

Lebanese restaurant named one of ‘Best New Restaurants in America’ by Eater.com

A Lebanese-owned restaurant made the list of the “18 Best New Restaurants in America” recently released by foodie site Eater.com.

The restaurant Maydan is a Middle Eastern-style establishment located in the Washington, DC area.

It is owned by Lebanese-American Rose Previte, whose mother has roots in Detroit, Michigan. She works alongside co-executive chefs Gerald Addison and Chris Morgan.

Eater called on readers to “Zoom in on dishes that particularly reflect Previte’s Lebanese heritage, including spreads like muhammara.” The restaurant offers “a warm greeting at the room-length bar,” Eater added.

Smoked Lamb Shoulder is one of the most popular items on the menu (Eater.com)
Smoked Lamb Shoulder is one of the most popular items on the menu (Eater.com)

In their original review of the restaurant, Eater said Maydan, “proudly and distinctly showcase the traditions of individual North African and Middle Eastern countries.”

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The self-described Middle Eastern and North African restaurant serves food that “tells the story of our own travels, from Tangier to Tehran and Batumi to Beirut,” according to their website.

Maydan is located at 1346 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009. For more information, visit their website at this link.

Buy tickets for The Chainsmokers show in Byblos before all seats are sold out

The music experience in Lebanon this summer is already one of the best years on record with performances from Shakira, Mike Massey and the world renowned electronic music festival Tomorrowland.

Now the Chainsmokers are making an appearance at the Byblos International Festival on August 1, and spots are filling up quickly!

All general admission and VIP standing tickets are already sold out. The only tickets available are seats located in zones C and D that overlook the venue.

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The remaining tickets range from about $110 to $115 per person.

The world’s most celebrated pop duo are coming to Byblos, Lebanon! (www.ticketingboxoffice.com)
The world’s most celebrated pop duo are coming to Byblos, Lebanon! (www.ticketingboxoffice.com)

This will be the first year the annual Byblos Festival will be an all-standing concert, according to the Facebook event page.

The event will take place at the Byblos Grand Stand in Jbeil Port, Lebanon and is expected to start at 8:30 p.m.

Tickets can be purchased on the Ticketingboxoffice Apple and Android apps and on their website at this link.

Viral ‘We don’t tip terrorist’ restaurant receipt fake, waiter admits

A waiter at a Saltgrass steakhouse in Odessa, Texas admitted that his post about a racist receipt that read, “We don’t tip terrorist,” was fake.

Khalil Cavil posted on Facebook on July 16th a photo of a $108 bill with a paragraph explaining what happened.

“Last night at work I received this note from one of my tables,” Khalil wrote. “I share this because I want people to understand that this racism, and this hatred still exists.”

Cavil’s post was shared tens of thousands of times and generated about 8,000 comments before it was deleted.

Khalil's original post has since been deleted (Facebook screen grab)
Khalil’s original post has since been deleted (Facebook screen grab)

“I did write it,” Cavil told the Odessa American local newspaper. “I made a mistake. There is no excuse for what I did.”

Restaurant officials said that Khalil is no longer employed at the establishment.

“Racism of any form is intolerable, and we will always act swiftly should it occur in any of our establishments,” said Terry Turney, COO of Saltgrass. “Falsely accusing someone of racism is equaling disturbing.”

WATCH: Actor Ben Stiller makes homemade chicken shawarma

American actor and comedian Ben Stiller made an appearance on the popular YouTube food channel Tasty to make chicken shawarma sandwiches!

He was joined by Ahmed Badr, a writer and former refugee from Iraq.

Stiller wanted to recreate one of his most favorite childhood dishes, he said.

The shawarma was broiled for 15 minutes and then added onto a garlic-sauced pita, where cucumbers, tomatoes and pickles were then added on top.

Actor Ben Stiller makes homemade chicken shawarma sandwiches on the Tasty YouTube channel. (YouTube screen grab)
Actor Ben Stiller makes homemade chicken shawarma sandwiches on the Tasty YouTube channel. (YouTube screen grab)

Shawarma, which has been around since the 19th century, is one of Lebanon’s most famous dishes.

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The cooking video is apart of UNHCR’s Youtube series “#WithRefugees,” where the agency seeks to educate viewers about the global refugee crisis.

Click here for more information about UNHCR’s work.

WATCH: Ben Stiller makes homemade chicken shawarma sandwiches:

Lebanese banker buys Colorado Springs bank as part of U.S. expansion

The Chairman and CEO of Société Générale de Banque au Liban (SGBL) Antoun Sehnaoui has bought the Pikes Peak National Bank in Colorado Springs, according to a spokesperson.

Sehnaoui is new the chairman of the Colorado-based bank and plans to use it as a hub for expansion across the United States.

He entered negotiations for the acquisition two years ago as an opportunity to expand around the world.

“(It’s an) excellent opportunity based on the bank’s solid management under an experienced, professional leadership team,” Sehnaoui said in a statement.

Currently, the bank has three locations around the Colorado Springs area with total assets held at almost $89 million. The bank has about 30 employees.

Antoun Sehnaoui is also a film producer of over 40 films (imdb.com)
Antoun Sehnaoui is also a film producer and avid collector of the arts. (File photo/Imdb)

Sehnaoui was born in Lebanon in 1972 and moved to the United States during the Lebanese Civil War to study International Finance and Banking at the University of Southern California.

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He returned to Lebanon and set out to make the country “once again the banking, finance, media and tourist hub of the Middle East.”

Sehnaoui has been credited ten times as a film producer for Lebanese movies, including the Oscar-nominated foreign film The Insult.

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