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Lebanese actress Darine Hamze and convictions she will never give up on

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Darine Hamze is one of the most well well-known daring actresses in the Middle East. She is known for taking on diverse and courageous roles on Lebanese TV shows and movies.

Darine spoke exclusively with Lebanese Examiner about what drives her everyday and the causes that keep her going.

How did you get started in the acting?

I was first introduced to acting during my early elementary boarding school days, at Sabis Ashwicke Hall, England, UK, when I was 8 years old. There I participated in all school plays and first discovered my love for acting. Which naturally lead to me studying drama acting and cinema in University and my MA was also cinema in the University of Westminster, UK.

What are some causes in Lebanon that you are passionate about?

Funny you ask that, since I have just founded an NGO called “Ibram” with a group of friends and family that works on crime prevention and youth empowerment. It is actually a kind of tribute to my father’s memory, since he was brutally murdered by (thieves) on the streets of Beirut. And I feel it is my responsibility now to follow up on this cause since it is very personal.

Hamze has performed in dozens of films where she is known for taking on challenging and complex roles. (Provided photo)
Hamze has performed in dozens of films where she is known for taking on challenging and complex roles. (Provided photo)

As you travel all across the world, what do you think of the Lebanese diaspora outside of Lebanon?

It saddens me actually to think of it, since separation is always hard experience to live. My brother is one of them, and I think almost every Lebanese family now has a son, or father or husband or daughter living abroad to find better living means. Unfortunately this hs been happening for many many years now, maybe it is the Lebanese’s destiny since our Phoenician ancestors.

What are some current or future projects you are working on that your fans should look forward to?

I have a new series that will be screening starting 2019, and am preparing for a new movie. There is also a lot of activities that I will be participating in for our NGO Ibram in Lebanon.

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What would you like to say to the younger generation, that consider you a role model?

I say to them, follow your heart and intuition. Be true to yourselves, be creative and never compromise for your integrity cause that is what you will have at the end of your path. And do good not wrong, and be kind as much as you can, and stay courageous when things get bad around you, but know it is only a phase and everything passes.

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