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Lebanese restaurant named among 38 best eateries in America

al ameer lebanese restaurant

A Lebanese restaurant in Michigan has been named among the 38 best restaurants in America by the food network

For the third year in a row, Al Ameer Lebanese Restaurant in Dearborn, Michigan has been named among the best eateries in the nation.

Food critic Bill Addison traveled to 36 cities to come up with his list of America’s “essential” restaurants.

“Among Dearborn’s cache of Lebanese restaurants, this is the paragon,” Addison’s review said.

“Kahlil Ammar and Zaki Hashem’s family business includes an in-house butcher facility, so the unrivaled stuffed lamb (and also lamb liver, a traditional breakfast dish) exhibits exceptional freshness.”

Dearborn, a Detroit suburb, is home to one of the largest concentrations of Arabs outside of the Middle East. Al Ameer is one of several dozen Lebanese restaurants in the diverse city.

Al Ameer's famous stuffed lamb dish. (Eater/Bill Addison)
Al Ameer’s famous stuffed lamb dish. (Eater/Bill Addison)

In addition to the classic Lebanese favorites, Al Ameer is known for its house dishes like stuffed lamb, moujadara, grape leaves and the Al Ameer platter.

Al Ameer Restaurant is located at 12710 West Warren Avenue in Dearborn, Michigan. To visit their website, click here.

To view Addison’s full list of America’s 38 best restaurants, click here.

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