Meet Saudi Arabia’s first female anchor: A graduate from Lebanon

Saudi Arabia's first female news anchor graduated from LAU 1

A Lebanese American University graduate made history as the first female news anchor on a main news program in Saudi Arabia, reported The Daily Mail.

Weam Al Dakheel recently became co-anchor of Al Saudiya’s 9.30 p.m. bulletin, the main news program on Saudi Arabia’s state-run television network. She will work anchor alongside Saudi journalist Omar al-Nashwan.

Weam Al-Dakheel is Saudi Arabia's first female news anchor. (Twitter/Saudi TV)
Weam Al-Dakheel is Saudi Arabia’s first female news anchor. (Twitter/Saudi TV)

Al Dakheel graduated from the Lebanese American University, according to her Facebook page. She was previously a reporter for CNBC Arabia and an anchor for Al-Arab News Channel in Bahrain.

The journalist set a milestone in the conservative country, known for its tight restrictions on women. Saudi Arabia only recently lifted its widely criticized ban on female drivers.

Following Al Dakheel’s first broadcast, many Twitter users expressed their support for the promising future of female journalists in Saudi Arabia.

“This is big from Saudi Arabia,” wrote one Twitter user. “(She is) confident, focused (and) beautiful.”

WATCH: Weam Al Dakheel anchors the main 9:30 p.m. news broadcast in Saudi Arabia:

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