Samir Geagea’s Instagram account hacked, ransom asked for its return


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea’s Instagram account was hacked Monday, according to a statement released by the party’s office.

According to An-Nahar, the unidentified hackers “asked for a ransom in exchange for the return of the account.”

The former militia leader’s Instagram account’s bio read, “This account has been hacked.” There was also a post of an unknown male with text that read, “Black hat: hacking in the real world.”

Courtesy of An-Nahar
Screenshot posted by An-Nahar.

This comes nearly a month after the Lebanese Forces were able to win 15 parliamentary seats, almost doubling the amount of their party members in parliament.

Samir Geagea most recently lashed out at President Aoun’s decree granting Lebanese citizenship to over 400 foreigners, most of whom are wealthy Syrians.

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The Lebanese Forces said it reached out to Instagram and it appears the account has now been restored and the hackers post was removed.

Geagea’s Instagram account can be found at this link.

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