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WATCH: ‘Frooza Booza’ turns any dessert into rolled ice cream

froozabooza beirut rolled ice cream Middle East

A Beirut-based ice cream shop is serving up ice cream in a unique way!

The ‘Frooza Booza’ shop in Beirut’s Mar Mikhael district will turn any of your favorite desserts into rolled ice cream.

The viral INSIDER YouTube channel featured them in 2017 for their speciality menu items.

Rolled ice cream fillings include red velvet cupcakes, Oreo cheesecake, coffee and various fruit flavors.

(Instagram/Frooza Booza)
(Instagram/Frooza Booza)

The rolled ice cream trend is already gaining popularity around the world, but ‘Frooza Booza’ put the dessert on the map in Lebanon!

It is also one of the first rolled ice cream shops in the Middle East, INSIDER reports.

The shop is run by Elias Saade and his fiancee Lea Abi Ramia, who opened the location about two years ago. They also sell ice cream sandwiches, macaron sandwiches and ice cream with Bailey’s liqueur.

Check out the video by INSIDER here:

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