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Lebanese Day3a of the Day: Hasroun

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Hasroun (حصرون), romanticized as the “Rose of the Mountain,” is a day3a (village) located in northern Lebanon in the Bsharri District — about 63 miles (102 KM) from Beirut.

With an approximate population of 12,000, the exquisite town overlooks the Qannoubine Valley at around 1,400 meters above sea level.

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The vast majority of the population living in Hasroun practice the Maronite Catholic faith; the day3a is home to the shrine of Saint Thomas, the shrine of Saint Michael and the shrine of St. James.

The day3a was an impregnable fortress, a couple hundred years ago, that provided a refuge for Maronites persecuted by invaders, according to

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If you are planning to visit Hasroun this summer, don’t miss the beautiful annual Hasroun Flower Festival from June 30 to July 1.

According to Lebanon Traveler, if you want to find a great manoushe for breakfast or kaak for a late night snack, some of the best bakeries in town are Leba El Amrieh’s Bakery and Georgette Badra’s Bakery.

On a hot sunny day, Surgels Ice Cream shop is the perfect place to eat if you want to cool down.

During summer nights the day3a is alive with food and clothing festivals!

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Check out the tourist guide for the day3a, by clicking here.

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