Nancy Ajram celebrates daughters’ birthday at Jeita Country Club

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Lebanese superstar Nancy Ajram hosted a birthday party Saturday for her two daughters Mila and Ella at the Jeita Country Club.

The singer posted photos of the fun on her Instagram account, showing the beautiful family celebrating the two birthdays.

Ajram’s most popular Instagram posts include photos of her daughters, 9-year-old Mila and 7-year-old Ella.

The birthday party was hosted at the SkyKids play area of the country club.

Nancy Ajram celebrates her daughters' birthday at the Jeita Country Club. (Facebook photo)
Nancy Ajram celebrates her daughters’ birthday at the Jeita Country Club. (Facebook photo)

Mila’s birthday was on May 16, while Ella’s birthday was on April 23.

The Jeita Country Club even posted photos of the two large cakes made for the special girls.

A Facebook album also showed the ‘Under the Sea’ birthday theme, featuring mermaids and sea creatures.

Ajram is married to prominent dentist Fadi El Hachem. Mila and Ella are their only children.

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