PHOTOS: This hotel suite in Broumana costs $80,000 per night!

grand hills hotel lebanon 1

A hotel in Broumana charges a whopping $80,000 per night for a stay inside one of its luxury suites!

The Grand Hills Hotel in Lebanon’s Metn district is best known for its ‘Royal Residence,’ which boasts “a private entrance and 7 floors of pure luxury,” according to the hotel website.

The ‘Royal Residence’ was named the largest hotel suite in the world by the Guinness World Records. The suite is 44,500 square-feet, or 4,131 square-meters!

grand hills hotel lebanon 1

The hotel, owned by the Marriott Luxury Collection, looks more like a mansion on the outside. A private entrance leads guests into world-class luxury space for up to ten people.

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Amenities include an exquisite library, dining area and among the most stunning views of Lebanon.

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The 7-story residence also includes three pavilion suites, rare sculptures and elegant antique furniture.

grand hills hotel lebanon 8

On the outside, the mansion is surrounded by private gardens and two large swimming pools.

grand hills hotel lebanon 2

To see more of the Royal Residence at the Grand Hills Hotel, click here.

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