Lebanese-Colombian singer ‘Widy’ combines pop, Arab and Latin sounds

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A rising Lebanese-Colombian star ‘Widy’ is combining the best in pop, Arab and Latin sounds to create exciting and rapidly-growing music.

The new Latino sensation’s real name is Wedad Cure, reports Al Arabiya. She recently performed during the Lebanese Diaspora Energy summit in Beirut.

Widy’s, whose father is Lebanese and mother is Colombian, has been nicknamed the ‘next Shakira’ by Latino press.

Photo provided/WidyMusic.com
Photo provided/WidyMusic.com

Although her Arabic isn’t perfect, Widy told Al Arabiya she is working with a recording company on a Arabic song release.

One of her songs ‘Yahabibi’ has more than 34 million views on YouTube.

During her visit to Lebanon, she also stopped by to visit her father’s hometown of Rahbe. Widy lives in Barranquilla, Columbia, which is home to a large population of Lebanese expats.

To see more of Widy, visit her Facebook page here.

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