More Lebanese tourists expected to visit Greece, travel agencies say

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Greece is expected to welcome more tourists from Lebanon in 2018, according to travel agencies that participated in the recent ‘Greek Tourism Workshop‘ held in Beirut.

Organizers believe the number of Lebanese tourists in Greece is expected to rise by at least 20 percent.

“Greek culture has a lot in common with the culture of the Lebanese people — who love Greece and consider the country an exceptional tourism destination that provides them with happy moments and memories,” said Katerina Mousbeh, general manager of Mideast Travel.

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Travel agents say Lebanese tourism in Athens and Central Macedonia is already gaining popularity. Charter flights to Crete and the South Aegean islands are set to increase this year.

The Greek Aegean Airlines is also planning to launch direct flights from Beirut to Heraklio on Crete, Rhodes and Mykonos this summer, according to the Greek Travel Pages.

The ‘Greek Tourism Workshop’ in Beirut was held by the Greek National Tourism Organization to attract more tourists from the Arab market. The workshop was also held in New Delhi, Kuwait, Riyadh and Dubai.

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