AUB sets world record for Lebanese flag made of 60,000 notebooks!

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The American University of Beirut set a Guinness World Record for the largest notebook mosaic of any flag in the world.

The project included 60,000 notebooks placed on the Green Field of the university campus in Beirut. The notebooks created a mosaic of the flag of Lebanon.

WATCH: Time-lapse video shows the record-setting flag: 

In a news release, AUB said the ‘Share the Flag’ project was created to raise awareness about the quality and accessibility of public schools in Lebanon.

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All notebooks used in creating the mosaic were donated to Lebanese public schools, the release added.

In a unveiling ceremony, Samer Khallouf from the Guinness World Records, said AUB set the record on their first attempt.

aub guinness world record lebanese flag

The last red notebook was placed by the son of Lebanese Army member Colonel Dany Harb, who was killed in 2014 during clashes in Arsal.

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