Political fight leads to shots fired in Choueifat neighborhood

crime scene tape

One person was killed during a political fight between two young men Tuesday in a neighborhood in Choueifat.

The two men are members of opposing political parties and clashed on electoral backgrounds, the Lebanese National News Agency reported.

The clash led to shots fired with a machine gun, NNA reported.

“Security forces rushed to the clash scene and worked on solving it to prevent further escalation,” NNA added. “The joint committees of the two parties also intervened to end the clash.”

The clash involved two young men from the Lebanese Democratic Party and Progressive Socialist Party.

It is not clear who was killed and if anyone was arrested.

Minister Taymour Jumblatt warned that political clashes are unnecessary and unacceptable.

“Beware, comrades. You are not allowed to be dragged into sedition, and will not let strife infiltrate into the one house,” Jumblatt told NNA. “(We urge for) restraint in order to preserve our youth and their lives, regardless of the party they belong to.”

Lebanon’s parliamentary elections were held Sunday.

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