How to fly cheap to Beirut using Google Flights tricks

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Thousands of Lebanese expats are planning to vacation in Beirut this summer, and Google Flights may be their best bet to finding the cheapest flights.

Here are four tricks to guaranteeing a great deal:

1. Plan dates around Google’s calendar

Say we’re flying round trip from Detroit to Beirut. The Google Flights calendar shows the cheapest dates for the month.

For example, a May 16 departure would cost $906. That’s a $742 difference from a May 6 departure!

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You can also see how the return flight prices change depending on the day.

Returning on April 30 gets a final round-trip price of $893.

flight to beirut 2

2. Use ‘Flight Insights’ graph to monitor trends

Certain days and months appear to be more common travels days than others.

Google’s ‘Flight Insights’ graph shows weekly trends for the next few months, and the price expectations for any specific week.

flight trends to beirut

In this case, prices are expected to increase in the month of June.

3. Check for nearby airports

Selecting nearby airports can save a lot of money.

In this case, the round trip price from Cleveland to Beirut would be $703. That’s a $190 savings.

beirut nearby airports

Some cities will find much more significant savings, especially if the nearby airports aren’t too far.

3. Track price changes

Finally, you can sign up for email notifications when prices change.

tracking flight to beirut

If a price goes down, Google will automatically email you the cheapest flight for your consideration.

To explore Google Flights for your summer trip to Beirut, click here.

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