Lebanese expat voter turnout reaches 59 percent, government says

gebran bassil stock photo

The turnout rate for Lebanese expats who voted Sunday in the Lebanese parliamentary elections reached 59 percent, according to Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil.

In a Monday news conference, Bassil said the turnout was high and reflected the “enthusiasm and interest of the Lebanese community abroad.”

According to the state-run National News Agency, the total cost of the electoral process reached about $1.5 million. Elections were held in 39 countries.

“Elections were held under the administrative supervision of the Ministry of Interior; there was a lot of cooperation between the Foreign and Interior ministries,” Bassil said. “I think there has never been such a remarkable vote in Lebanon’s history, with such transparency.”

He announced the following voter turnout rates abroad:

  • 58% in Austrailia
  • 59.5% in Europe
  • 68% in Africa
  • 45% in Latin America
  • 55% in the United States
  • 69% in Arab countries.

Voting inside Lebanon will be held next Sunday.

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