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Lebanese winemaker produces pioneering blue wine

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A Lebanese winemaker has started the production of a unique blue-colored wine, made from a water-soluble pigment in the mountains of Lebanon.

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Piter Abi Unes owns Chateau Wadih in the Byblos mountains, about 1,300 meters above sea level. He makes the blue wine from a substance called anthocyanin, which is a compound that gives black grapes their dark color.

“If you add (anthocyanin) to the wine from white grapes, you get a blue wine,” Unes told Sputnik News in a April 24 interview. “I make dry blue and dessert wine. So you can choose according to your taste.”

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The wine is sold online for $16, and can be shipped to some parts of the world. The website describes the drink as an “eletric blue color wine, made by adding pigments to a white wine with the blue component of the grapes skin – a must try wine.”

Unes told Sputnik he is slated to start ramping up production this summer, and ship his first batch to Italy.

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He also plans to launch a non-alcoholic beer produced from apples.

To view more on Chateau Wadih, visit their Facebook page.

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