Lebanese clown group tours refugee camps to entertain children

clown me in refugee project

A Lebanese clown group aims to entertain and inspire disadvantaged children through interactive workshops and performances at refugee camps.

Performers from Clown Me In, a Beirut-based organization, travel to refugee camps in a caravan and put on humorous showings that promote human rights and social justice issues.

The group launched a new effort called “Van 12,” which showcases principles from the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, including the right to education, health care and safety.

Sabine Choucair, co-founder of Clown Me In, said the mission is to spread laughter and provide relief to these communities.

“Even if we’re there for an hour, there is a whole atmosphere that changes,” Choucair said. “There’s a lot of joy that happens in this one hour.”

The road show has performed in Lebanon, Syria, India, Jordan, among others, according to the UN refugee agency.

“The show was good for children, and I hope we can apply its messages,” said Syrian refugee Lamaa Mahmoud, in Arabic. “(I learned that) that children must go to school, they should have their full rights.”

Choucair believes the efforts are making a difference and bringing joy to children.

“We try to record their stories, we try to let their voice be heard, because we think that this is one of the biggest crises happening in the world right now,” Choucair added.

Photo provided by the UN refugee agency.

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