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Man goes on racist rant against Arab Uber driver


NEW YORK – A man in Queens, New York was caught on camera howling racial slurs at an Arab American Uber driver last Thursday.

In a Facebook video shared by Karim Metwaly, an unidentified man driving a white SUV is heard yelling obscenities to the driver.

“You’re an Arab; you’re a f****** loser,” the man said.

At one point, the driver tells the Uber driver he will be deported under Trump’s leadership.

“Trump is president a**hole, so you can kiss your f****** visa goodbye scumbag,” he said. “They’ll deport you soon. Don’t worry, you  f****** terrorist.”

The video has since gone viral with more than 5.3 million views. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, reports of intimidation and harassment have spiked since Election Day.

WATCH the incident below (Warning: profanities):

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