Lebanese-Canadian opera artist sings ‘O Canada’ in Arabic

Lebanese-Canadian opera soprano Miriam Khalil sang the first Arabic version of 'O Canada' recently. (Photo via Nikola Novak/ Miriam Khalil)

(TORONTO, CANADA) — Lebanese-Canadian opera singer Miriam Khalil recently recorded the first Arabic version of Canada’s national anthem through a project led by the Canadian Arab Institute.

According to the Institute, the project aims to encourage Arabic-speaking Canadians to be “more engaged” with their citizenship.

Khalil said she hopes the Arabic-version spreads a message of “solidarity and affinity” with the larger Canadian family.

The Canadian Arab Institute released the song one week before Canada’s 148th birthday, which is celebrated on July 1.

“This is a celebration of our citizenship in this country,” Raja Khouri, president of the institute, told Canada’s Metro News.

“When you hear something that is being said in your mother tongue, it has more emotional impact, and makes you pay more attention,” he said. “We hope it will be a step further in fostering responsibilities as citizens of this nation.

LISTEN to Khalil’s rendition:

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