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CLFW to give out free tickets to Lebanon

The Christian Lebanese Foundation in the World (CLFW) will give out two free tickets to Lebanon on May 9 during a committee meeting in Washington, DC, according to a recent news release. (Photo: CLFW/Facebook)

(WASHINGTON, DC) — The Christian Lebanese Foundation in the World (CLFW) will award two free tickets to Lebanon during a committee meeting on May 9, 2015 in Washington, DC.

The organization says they give out free tickets annually on Mother’s Day for Lebanese-Americans who successfully registered their marriages or childbirths through CLFW over the past year.

CLFW is an DC-based organization devoted to helping Lebanon maintain a demographic balance by registering Americans of Lebanese descent in their motherland.

Nada Abisamra, director of CLFW, said Lebanese businessman and CLFW Vice President Neemat Frem will join the executive board and members for the lottery.

She adds that those interested in participating in the lottery can do so by joining the Facebook event at this link.

In 2013, Charles Nemer of Ohio and George Korio of California won free tickets. In 2014, Michael Chebat of Virginia and Charles Haddad of Florida enjoyed the free flights.

Abisamra reminds Americans of Lebanese descent that registration is crucial in order to preserve their roots in Lebanon and help the country maintain its diversity.

The organization will host nine campaigns in May in the following cities:


Lebanese-Americans are urged to bring their Family Ikhraj Kayd (Civil Registry), birth certificate(s), and marriage certificate(s) to the campaign site.

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