Najwa Karam releases patriotic Lebanese song called ‘Kelmit 7a2’

Najwa Karam. (File Photo)

(BEIRUT, LEBANON) — Lebanese singer Najwa Karam released a new patriotic Lebanese song called “Kelmit 7a2” where she appears to address “enemies” of Lebanon.

The song was written by Nizar Francis, composed by Sam Al Amir, and distributed by Tony Saba.

Karam was born and raised in Zahlé, Lebanon to a Catholic family, where she attended a Christian school in Zahlé and later earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy.

Karam was previously placed on a black list of “disgrace” artists when she released a song titled “Bashar Al Qaed” where she praised Syrian president Bashar Al Assad at the beginning of the Syrian revolution. She has since been removed on the so-called blacklist after altering her position.

“(The songs) didn’t necessarily take political sides and I don’t like to get involved with revolutions,” Karam once said. “I’m happy to sing patriotic songs, but I avoid politically tense situations.”

But her new song “Kelmit 7a2” seems to offer a new perspective on Karam’s patriotic tunes.

“You make me love Lebanon even more,” wrote one fan on YouTube.

LISTEN to Najwa’s “Kelmit 7a2”:

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