Italy donates spare equipment, parts to Lebanese Army


(BEIRUT, LEBANON) — Italy donated 773,000 euros, or $880,000 USD, worth of spare parts for trucks and helicopters to the Lebanese Army, according to a statement by the Italian Embassy in Beirut.

The Italian Pinerolo Brigade, which operates as part of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, made the donation to the Lebanese Armed Forces at the Command of the Logistics Brigade.

“Italy supports Lebanon through its participation within UNIFIL and the direct aid granted to the Lebanese Armed Forces,” Italian Ambassador to Lebanon Giuseppe Morabito said. “The Lebanese Armed Forces are doing an excellent job in order to preserve Lebanon’s stability, which is also in Italy’s interest.”

Italian Defense Attache of the Embassy of Italy in Lebanon Gen. Pierluigi Monteduro said the donation was made on behalf of the Italian government to boost anti-terrorism capabilities.

The Lebanese Army’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics Gen. Manuel Kirejian thanked the Italian government and the Pinerolo Brigade for their efforts, recalling previous aid from Italy, particularly in south Lebanon.

The Italian contingent in Lebanon is assigned by UN Resolution 1701 of 2006, to monitor hostilities cessation, support the Lebanese Armed Forces, and provide assistance to the local population for the development of the economy, according to the Lebanese National News Agency.

The Italian donation comes just one week after the United States delivered a shipment of weapons totaling $25 million.

Meanwhile France’s Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said his country would begin delivering weapons purchased with a $3 billion Saudi grant to the Lebanese military in the first week of April.

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