Vogue ranks Mar Mikhael staircase among world’s 9 best

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 5.23.54 PM

(BEIRUT, LEBANON) — Mar Mikhael’s vibrant staircase was featured among the nine “amazing staircases from around the world” by the globally recognized fashion and lifestyle magazine, Vogue.

“Staircases are normally considered simple, at times inconvenient, pathways,” Vogue wrote. “A handful of artists, though, have experimented with transforming them into alluring art installations.”

The staircase is painted by “Paint Up,” a Beirut-based organization aiming to “make Beirut brighter and more beautiful through color,” according to their Facebook page.

The so-called “Dihzahyners” are a group of 12 self-funded graphic design students from the Lebanese American University. Their Beirut-based projects include staircases in Hamra and Saqiet Al Janzeer.

Vogue also featured other staircases in San Fransisco, London, France, and Brazil, among others.


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