Haifa Wehbe’s sister unveils controversial new photos

(BEIRUT, LEBANON) — Lebanese diva Haifa Wehbe is not the only face of the family who raised eyebrows in recent months. Haifa’s step-sister Rola Yamout is causing controversy after publishing semi-nude photos on her Facebook and Instagram profiles.

Yamout, who has faced scrutiny in the past for her public quarrels with Haifa, is pursuing what seems to be a desperate career in provocative modeling.

One of Yamout’s dresses in her latest collection of photos have similar cuts to Haifa’s controversial dress during a Star Academy performance last year.Rola Yamout sister of Haifa Wehbe Lebanese Arab superstar singer

In a September post on Instagram, Yamout called her step-sister a “grandmother,” and accused her of being jealous.

“Every time I appear and succeed in my simple ventures, the grandmother struggles (to fight back) with psychological, social, legal, economic and media wars,” Yammout posted on Instagram in Arabic.

Wehbe and Yamout reportedly have had a rocky relationship over the years and terms of reconciliation have not been successful.

Yamout previously said: “Who’s Haifa anyway?…She treats me like an enemy and not like a sister. I ask of her to have some decency, and to leave me alone to live my life.”

According to media reports, Wehbe has reportedly filed lawsuits in the past accusing Yamout of defamation.

VIEW some of the controversial photos below:

Rola Yamout Haifa Wehbe's sister

yamout washing carRola Yamout New Photos

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