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Right now it’s just “Words on Paper”: Haifa Wehbe’s upcoming film may not make it

Haifa Wehbe might just have to kiss these "Words on Paper" goodbye thanks to a misstep of the director. (Image: Facebook)

Forgery’ll get ya nowhere, clearly. After Haifa Wehbe’s “Words on Paper” director Mohammad Sami was discovered to have faked his college diploma, he was swiftly stripped of his membership of the Egyptian Cinema Professions Syndicate.

According to Sayidaty.net, the Syndicate has demanded that all the legal actions be taken against Mohammad, and he may face a possible jail sentence for forgery of official documents.

Mohammad, who is currently filming the scenes of his new television drama “Kalam Ala Waraq” (Words on Paper) starring Lebanese diva Haifa Wehbe and Egyptian actors Majed Al Masri and Ahmad Zaher, may be forced to stop and the drama may never see the light, especially since he will be put under legal questioning and investigation.

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