WATCH: This old man from Lebanon has a 7-year-old son!

Suliman Al-Mul may be old, but he sure doesn’t act like it!

The incredible man from northern Lebanon walks two miles every day, cuts woods, cooks and takes care of his children.

And get this — he has a biological 7-year-old son!

Suliman Al-Mul is 125-years-old. (YouTube screenshot/First2Know)
Suliman Al-Mul is from northern Lebanon. (YouTube screenshot/First2Know)

Al-Mul is from Heker Hanin in Lebanon’s northern Akkar district.

The father of 12 was featured on the popular First2Know Facebook page for his exuberant personality and long life.

First2Know reported that he is 125-years-old, but there are no reports to confirm his age.

WATCH: This 125-year-old has more energy than most people:

His wife Samira told First2Know that he’s still got it!

“And he’s still looking at other women,” she said. “I’m not kidding, he’s still looking at them!”

“Long life, long life to me!” he exclaimed.

Al-Mul lived through many historic events, and was born near the end of the Ottoman Empire. He’s also smoked for 40 years.

Suliman Al-Mul has lived through major world events. (YouTube screenshot/First2Know)
Suliman Al-Mul has lived through major world events. (YouTube screenshot/First2Know)

He told The Arab Weekly that his secret to a long life is hard work, plenty of sleep and a varied diet.

Al-Mul believes his “magic tea” is also a big plus!

“This mixture can bring a dead person to life, with God’s will,” he said.

Visiting event planners call Lebanon a ‘fulfilling, enriching’ experience

Several international event organizers had great things to say about Lebanon during a tourism convention hosted at the Le Royal Hotel earlier this May.

The hotel gathered about 140 hosted buyers from 40 countries. Hosted buyers represent major corporations and organizations that host events and conferences around the world.

Many of the buyers said Lebanon is now at the top of their list for events. Their reactions include:

United Kingdom: “Exceptionally fulfilling and enriching.”

United Arab Emirates: “When you come here, your heart remains here.”

India: “Lebanon is truly an exotic experience.”

South Africa: “The people are unbelievably friendly and welcoming.”

Russia: “From the first minute in Lebanon, I am amazed by the very warm and friendly atmosphere here.”

Germany: “Lebanon is a bridge between the Middle East and Europe.”

France: “I’m fully in love with this nation.”

VIDEO: Event planners call Lebanon a ‘fulfilling, enriching’ experience:

The gathering was hosted by the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism, which is hoping to promote the country as an international destination for meetings and conventions.

The gathering of hosted buyers was held at the Le Royal Hotel on May 10, 11 in Beirut. (Photo provided/Le Royal Hotel)
The gathering of hosted buyers was held at the Le Royal Hotel on May 10, 11 in Beirut. (Photo provided/Le Royal Hotel)

The ministry took the hosted buyers to key landmarks in Lebanon, including parts of Beirut, Byblos and Baalbeck.

Visit Lebanon was launched in September 2017 to put Lebanon on the map for international business tourism, company tours and major exhibitions.

How to dress like a local in Beirut — for any occasion!

Fashion is a big deal in Beirut — and looking good can go a long way!

Whether you’re visiting Beirut for pleasure or business, here’s how to look fashionable for all occasions.

1. Business trips

For the guys, two-button suits in navy or black with designer belts and loafers are recommended if you are in town for business, Business Insider reports.

The Lebanese are big on designer brands, and bigger branded logos are always a plus.

Finally, don’t forget to accessorize! A nice watch, sunglasses and pocket square can make you stand out.

For ladies, a solid-colored dress looks classy and keeps you cool in the scorching sun.

Top it off with a nice designer bag or sunglasses, and you’re good to go.

Pro tip: Zara stores are a great place to shop for any business occasion.

2. Casual strolls

If you just want to walk the streets or go out with friends, a nice shirt with some designer jeans will do nicely.

Women certainly have a few more options to choose from. Nice jeans, shorts, skirts, a summer dress — pretty much anything goes.

But to stand out, don’t forget to accessorize!

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3. Parties and clubs

It’s all about the skin at Beirut’s hottest clubs!

A crop top and skirt is a common sight at a Beirut club.

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Flashy dresses, heavy makeup and heels are also a dime a dozen.

For the guys, tighter dress shirts are always appropriate. If you have the build, don’t be afraid to show it off.

4. Formal gatherings

For fancier evening events and galas, CNTraveler recommends draped gowns made by local designers like Rabih Kayrouz or Krikor Jabotian.

Custom-tailored suits and designer names can be found at these men’s locations.

If you need to go shopping while in the capitol, check out Beirut Souks or your nearest shopping mall.

How to get ready for a day at the beach in Lebanon

It’s summer in Beirut, and there is no better place to spend the season than at one of Lebanon’s best beaches!

Here are some tips and tricks to make the most out of your time.

First, you have to pick the right spot! If you’re ready to spend big bucks, perhaps you can consider booking a chalet ahead of time.

Some of the best beaches in Lebanon are known for their luxury and proximity to the Mediterranean Sea. Consider trying something new with:

Next, you need to figure out what to wear.

For the men: skip the board shorts, baggy fits and tacky patterns and stick with a stylish swimsuit with a solid or simple pattern.

Happiest bday @gracekouyoumjian ❤️ when clients become family!

A post shared by Anas Nabhan (@anasnabhann) on recommends women try something a little different and uncomfortable!

Off-shoulder shapes and textured fabrication are all back in style for the summer.

And while on the way there and back, pick a nice summer dress or tank top to stay comfortable.

Like this picture🌴!

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Finally, don’t forgot to bring your shades and radio speakers!

If you’re into drinking, a nice cold pack of Almaza will do nicely in the summer heat.

Sometimes bada #almaza 🍻

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PHOTOS: This hotel suite in Broumana costs $80,000 per night!

A hotel in Broumana charges a whopping $80,000 per night for a stay inside one of its luxury suites!

The Grand Hills Hotel in Lebanon’s Metn district is best known for its ‘Royal Residence,’ which boasts “a private entrance and 7 floors of pure luxury,” according to the hotel website.

The ‘Royal Residence’ was named the largest hotel suite in the world by the Guinness World Records. The suite is 44,500 square-feet, or 4,131 square-meters!

grand hills hotel lebanon 1

The hotel, owned by the Marriott Luxury Collection, looks more like a mansion on the outside. A private entrance leads guests into world-class luxury space for up to ten people.

grand hills hotel lebanon 3

Amenities include an exquisite library, dining area and among the most stunning views of Lebanon.

grand hills hotel lebanon 4

The 7-story residence also includes three pavilion suites, rare sculptures and elegant antique furniture.

grand hills hotel lebanon 8

On the outside, the mansion is surrounded by private gardens and two large swimming pools.

grand hills hotel lebanon 2

To see more of the Royal Residence at the Grand Hills Hotel, click here.

Lebanese man sets World Record for fastest crossing of Lebanon on foot

A Lebanese man set a Guinness World Record for the fastest crossing of Lebanon on foot — in just 1 day, 15 hours and 49 minutes!

Ali Wehbi set the record in the town of Naqoura, one of the southernmost points on the Lebanese coast.

The avid runner started the run on March 31 and ended on April 2, which is World Autism Awareness Day.

“This run is dedicated to all persons with autism, all families dealing with it,” Wehbi said. “It’s also dedicated to all autism organizations offering support, research and treatments, each and every person is touched by it directly and indirectly.”

Ali Wehbi set a Guinness World Record for the fastest crossing Lebanon on foot. (Ali Wehbi/Facebook)
Ali Wehbi set a Guinness World Record for the fastest crossing Lebanon on foot. (Ali Wehbi/Facebook)

Wehbi ran through some of Lebanon’s most iconic landmarks, including the Tropoli Castle, Raouche Rock, Saida Castle and Sour Old Heritage, the Guinness World Records reports.

The landmarks were lit in blue for the #LightItUpBlue campaign to raise awareness for autism.

Ali is known as an extreme runner and adventurer. He has a Facebook page called the International Lebanese Deserts Runner.

WATCH: Fastest crossing of Lebanon on foot


Uber delivers janerik to Beirut customers for only $1

Ordering an Uber is supposed to bring you an easy ride to your destination.

But for one day in Lebanon, ordering an Uber meant easy access to sour green plums.

Uber Lebanon hosted a bizarre promotion on May 14 that offered 1 kilogram of janerik, or sour plums, for only $1.

Uber customers could order the springtime snack by using the UberJANERIK promo code on their app.

The delivery even came with salt on the side.

Many customers shared photos of their #UberJANERIK on Twitter.

It appeared to be a smashing marketing success!

Only in Lebanon.

Throwback: ‘World Strictest Parents’ shoot episode in Lebanon

The ‘World’s Strictest Parents’ TV show shot an episode in Lebanon in 2009 — and nearly 10 years later, it’s still worth watching!

For the sixth episode of season 2, British teenagers Debbie McQueen and Daniel Drinkwater lived with the Hajjar family in Lebanon.

The strict parents were former policeman Abdulsalam and nurse Iman. They are a Sunni Muslim family in Beirut, according to BBC.

For the week they spent in Lebanon, the teenagers found it hard to follow a strict dress code and zero alcohol tolerance policy.

A handful of times throughout the episode they were found crying and emotionally breaking down because of stress.

The British-based show’s concept is to send undisciplined teenagers to stay with a strict family somewhere around the world for a week.

Watch the episode preview below:

For more information on the episode, click here.

How Instagram’s ‘Rich Kids of Beirut’ spend their fortunes

Lebanon is the 12th most billionaire-dense country in the world, according to Business Insider — and the country’s most affluent children sure know how to spend their family fortunes.

The Instagram page @richkidsdebeirut shows off the day-in-the-life of Lebanon’s elite.

From imported cars to expensive designer clothes, the small Mediterranean nation has its fair share of rich kids.

The only problem these kids have is choosing which car to take for the day.

Some of the cars are customized and imported from other countries, like Dubai.

Courtesy of @dubaiamazingcars

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The best views money can buy.

🌍 #richkidsofbeirut #rkob

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Enjoying Eid in style.

Savoring the beautiful Mediterranean sunset.

Couple goals.

Before takeoff.

Champagne overlooking over the city.

Champagne over Beirut 🥂 #richkidsofbeirut #rkob #beirut

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WATCH: Epic wedding entrance captures Lebanese and Assyrian cultures!

As we’ve shown you before, Lebanese tend to take things a step further with their weddings. This epic fusion of Assyrian and Lebanese cultures is no exception!

In their most recent video, the Australian-based YouTube channel Iconic Films captured Anthony and Karolin’s wedding, and showcased the best of their Lebanese and Assyrian cultures.

The Iconic Films team captures weddings around the world and “are passionate about constantly challenging themselves from a creative and technological aspect.”

Congratulations to Anthony and Karolin!

Watch the incredible wedding entrance here:

You can also watch the full wedding, by clicking here.

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